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Mela 2018 Awashan (Govt. Accomodations)
School Name Mobile No.
G.S.M Girl High School, Jail Press, Gaya 9431297962
Dankan Middile Shool, Sikariya More, Gaya 9852291386
Middile School Kendui, Gaya 9162258417
Haadi Hasmi High School,Gaya 9852546763
Mahavir Inter School,Gaya 9472662071
Anugrah Girl High School 9835822121
Anugrah Girl Middle School 9308207824
State Girl High School, Ramna, Gaya 9430055106
T-Model High School, Gaya 9430071333
T-Model Middile School, Gaya 8292827456
Higher Secondary Zila School, Gaya 9472912216
Middile School Sameertakya, Gaya 9431085294
New Middile School, Chand Chaura,Gaya 7909081013
Girl Middle School, Virajmohni, Gaya 9334579281
Middile School Ghugharitar, Gaya 9199941668
Middle School Akshay Vat, Gaya 9934264531
Chandra Sekhar High School, Akshayavat, Gaya 9771654845
Rajendra Middile School, Godawari, Gaya 9934676929, 8122506676
District Education & Training Centre, Gaya 9431878756, 9852227909
Block Centre, Nagar Nigam 9470830535
Doit Sanlagn Abhiyas Middle School, Gaya 9279325248
Ramruchi Girl High School, Gaya 9661496020
Saheed High School, Gaya 9097713496
Nigma Monestery, Bodhgaya 9006168525
Ramchandra Girl Heigh School, Vanmaali Baba 7091810520
Chandra Sekhar Janta College, Gaya 9931721224
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